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Monthly Updates

Monthly Update [October 2020]

Federal Budget 2020-21 We all understand that budgets are an exercise in predicting the future. Given what has happened in 2020, gazing into the crystal

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Monthly Update [August 2020]

The JobKeeper scheme gets an update, plus an extension The JobKeeper payment, which was originally due to run until 27 September, will now continue to

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Monthly Update [July 2020]

Tax return tips Despite the current COVID-19 constraints, completing your tax return remains a task we can help achieve to your best advantage. We look

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Monthly Update [May 2020]

Answers to COVID-19 work-from-home expense questions and CGT concerns The dominating factor in all our lives at the moment is of course COVID-19. We look

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Monthly Update [April 2020]

COVID-19: Your stimulus and rescue package explained The overwhelming issue of the day is of course the coronavirus. The government’s stimulus package launched in response

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Monthly Update [March 2020]

ATO dusts off the “lifestyle asset” microscope If you own certain high-end assets, it may be prudent to make sure your tax affairs are in

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Tax Information Checklists 2019/20

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Useful Links

Australian Business Register
For registering or making amendments to your ABN registration.

ASIC is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator. They contribute to Australia’s economic reputation and wellbeing by ensuring that the financial markets are fair and transparent, supported by confident and informed investors.

Australian Taxation Office Homepage

Bank Link
Software and service provider for downloading your bank statements directly into our ledger software. Primarily used for the administration of our clients SMSFs.

Computer Share
Provider of registry services for the Australian Stockmarket including the viewing of shareholdings and provision of dividend statements.

Xero’s small business accounting software has all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business.

ATO Consumer Price Index
Quarterly Consumer Price Index rates dating back to 1985

Link Market Services
Provider of registry services for the Australian Stockmarket including the viewing of shareholdings and provision of dividend statements.

Provider of Australia’s favourite bookkeeping software.

Developer of Quickbooks bookkeeping software. Click on “More info” to get a breakdown of all their products and the associated pricing and support.

SMSF Trustee
This is a free program designed to educate trustees of SMSFs throughout Australia. It is designed according to the Australian Taxation Office’s Trustee Declaration form to assist trustees in understanding their role and responsibilities.

A suite of tools designed to help automate day-to-day compliance and administrative tasks for cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping firms.

Federal Budget Summaries

Budget Summary 2019

Budget Summary 2018

Budget Summary 2017

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